14-15 aprilie 2021 • EDITIE ONLINE


O zi cu sesiuni ce reunesc specialistii locali si internationali. Conferinta va oferi oamenilor de marketing kit-ul de informatii necesar pentru a face fata provocarilor in mediul digital


Un training intesiv de marketing digital pentru profesionistii romani din companii medii si mari care vor sa isi valideze strategia actuala si in acelasi timp sa afle tactici actuale. Locurile limitate!



Judith Lewis

Founder, DeCabbit Consultancy

In digital marketing, the only constant is change. Join Judith Lewis as she delivers training and shares her insight from working with globally recognised brands and small businesses to help train you on the latest digital marketing techniques. This training is not theoretical but factual, emphasising the things textbooks never tell you in order to ensure that you are equipped at the end of it with cutting edge knowledge, as well as solid foundational knowledge to ensure you continue to grow well after the course.

Covering everything from email marketing to persona development, from SEO to user journey analysis, this course is advanced enough to ensure experienced marketers walk aay with new understandings and actionable insight to get working on within your company right away. Judith is working with companies day-to-day right now so you know what she is teaching is as up-to-date as possible as she delivers transformative digital marketing solutions to clients.


Judith is a renowned international speaker, writer, trainer, blogger and digital media consultant specialising in applying strategic understanding of digital technologies to help businesses innovate and optimise their effectiveness within the new, networked communications environment. She has worked with market-leading global businesses including Google, NatWest/RBS, National Gallery, Fidelity, GalaCoral, NBC Universal, Readers Digest, Bayer, Family Search, Amadeus, AMD, AmEx , Virgin.com, Virgin Startup & more.

She has over 23 years of experience, predating Google in her entry into the market, and now runs her own consultancy. She has worked both in-house and agency-side. Judith also blogs about chocolate, has contributed to the book “Pimp My Site” and the Econsultancy guide to Paid Search and rewrote the large foundational Econsultancy Best Practice Guide to SEO.


Topics covered will include practical, actionable information, best practices and tips on:

  • Frameworks for planning a digital marketing strategy
  • Auditing current approaches and identify areas for improving performance
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO), site content and copy
  • Pay per click (PPC) marketing including Google Ads
  • Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc.
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Customer behaviour, targeting and tracking
  • Tools, tracking and techniques for measuring and benchmarking


This course is perfect for anyone looking to update their digital skills, gain a fresh perspective or develop a successful digital marketing strategy for a specific business.

  • Digital marketers who are responsible for creating and implementing digital marketing strategies within their business.
  • Agency marketers wishing to be more efficient and effective at designing marketing strategies to sell in to clients.
  • Experienced marketers who wants to review and refine their digital strategy and channel governance.


Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Develop a framework for planning a digital marketing strategy
  • Audit the current approaches and identify areas for improving performance
  • Understand and evaluate the current approach towards search engine optimisation (SEO), site content and copy
  • Understand and evaluate the current approach towards pay per click (PPC) marketing
  • Measure and structure an approach towards Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc.
  • Understand email marketing and its role
  • Build a Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Understand the impact of digital on customer behaviour, targeting and tracking
  • Identify the best tools, tracking and techniques for measuring and benchmarking your business


Setting the stage
  • Key trends in digital
  • Assessing your current stage of digital adoption - getting a benchmark to understand your organisation’s levels of digital ability
Consumer Behaviour
  • Understanding your audience, segmentation and targeting
  • Review the customer journey to see where there are gaps in your strategy
  • How digital has changed consumer behaviour, consumer insight, targeting and tacking
  • What resources are available to capture insights
  • The key factors in enhancing and enriching your audience personas and how these apply to the customer journey
  • Exercise – live creation of a persona (this will be used as the setting to create other parts of the training around like “how do we target this persona through SEO”)
  • Exercise – live creation of a user journey through a website (website chosen by group to be meaningful and align with the persona)
  • Potential Exercise – using SEMRush (I usually get a free trial code for everyone from them. I am not an affiliate, I just use it) we can see a competitor and
Digital Channels
  • SEO - Exercise – competitive research live in SEMRush
  • PPC - Exercise – research and design a campaign including keywords to bid on and ad copy (this is actually broken up in to 3 exercises after each section on that element in the PPC section so we do keywords after the keyword research piece for PPC (different than for SEO), then ads in the ad section, then budget and day parting in that section)
  • Email - Exercise – design an email subject and first email message line that will attract our persona to open it.
  • Social Media - Exercise – design a single post which will work on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and will appeal to our persona (this is to get them thinking about structure based on character limits, use of images in multiple formats and automation)
  • Integration across multiple channels - Exercise – what asset would you use to promote across all channels. How will you approach each channel – so how will you SEO the asset, what targeting and type of PPC, design an email marketing subject for pushing people to the asset, which social media channels will you use and what retargeting will be put in place given the multiple channels being utilised.
The Process
  • Frameworks for planning a digital marketing strategy
  • Resources at your disposal to help you plan
  • Situation, market and competitor positioning analysis
  • Setting objectives, KPI’s and feedback to refine the marketing mix
  • Different approaches to testing. Big data and how to cope with it
  • How to evaluate your competitors to see who's winning and why
  • Exercise – taking all the elements we have now, design the strategy for the website and target persona we have been using today. Use the framework we have just seen to create the completed strategy and present to the group

The course will be held in english. Limited seats available. We kindly recommend you to reserve your seat in advance. Besides the content sessions, the workshop includes working materials and access to the lunch break & coffee breaks.